Bobin Mahron and the People of the White Bat

Bobin Mahron and the People of the White Bat

  • 2499

One unforgettable summer, three boys save a dynasty! It is the summer of 1937 in a tiny valley of Czechoslovakia. The Mahron brothers, Bobin and Otto, and their friend Henry Simon, are enlisted by a mysterious young archaeologist to help him unlock buried secrets of their valley…A valley presided over by an inscrutable castle…

Sleuthing through underground caverns, hidden castle vaults, and a long forgotten diary, they use logic, deduction and just plain luck to decode the riddle of two deaths, 70 years before…of boys like themselves! In the process, they unearth a fabled treasure, and restore the honor of a banished prince and his lost heritage.

Sixty-five years in the making, this delightful story is based loosely on the a author's childhood, is full of mystery and adventure.

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