Charlie the Shar-Pei and the Neighborhood Mysteries

Charlie the Shar-Pei and the Neighborhood Mysteries

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Charles E. Mama Butterscotch The Third Traditional Shar-Pei, or just plain Charlie, was a very special dog. She lived in the stories which Annie's mother told her every night, in a neighborhood of talking dogs and cats, and daily adventure.

Join Charlie and her cat friends: King Samuel, Max the Spy, Grandpa Rambo the Sumo Wrestler, and Princess Kitty (who wandered in and decided to stay). And meet little Coco Brown, Charlie's best doggy friend, who gets in lots of trouble. Meet the wonderful humans who take care of them, including Mom Anastasia and Grandma Tatiana from Russia, who happen to be spies, and work with Max and Charlie to solve neighborhood mysteries. Together they help all the animals of the local shelter, and bring companionship to Annie, a lonely little girl.

You will be surprised at what happens to the real Annie in the end, to bring her joy and happiness.

This is a Learn-to-Grow Book, with discussion questions and glossary, which is a great way for adults and kids to interact together with the story.

Author Amaliya Mikolyants, who is herself from Russia, has based her story on real animals she knows and loves, and on the adventures they all share.

Colorful illustrations by Jade Gray bring visual delight to each chapter.

SIGNED on request!

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