Dancing with Celia: Surviving a Pacific Coast Hurricane

Dancing with Celia: Surviving a Pacific Coast Hurricane

  • 1599

It was a Nightmare in a Watery Hell! "We were in 80-100 foot seas, thundering rain and dense fog. Visibility was 150 feet. The channel marker was going up and down canyons of water. It was so dark, it was like the dead of night. The chance of seeing the marker would take luck .. pure luck ...Or an angel.

"Oh, my dear God! Somehow we saw the light of heaven!" In the summer of 1980, Ron Valiquette, two crewmen and two passengers, set off on the maiden voyage of their new yacht, Fantasy Isle. Never did they dream they would tangle with Hurricane Celia off the Oregon Coast.

The rare weather phenomenon threatened the lives of everyone on the vessel. The closest port of Tillamook Bay was closed to vessels on that horrendous day. In an act of unprecedented bravery, Valiquette determined to cross the bar. And, the Coast Guard, hearing his May Day, reacted in kind...rescuing all on board! A lifetime of healing later, the story can be told.

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