Gramma's Guided Tour of the World's Greatest Library

Gramma's Guided Tour of the World's Greatest Library

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Hey, kids! Does trying to understand the Bible make you feel lost and insecure ...leave you a quivering mass of total confusion...or plunge you into a coma of utter boredom? Well - there is a way to avoid these negative reactions!

Herein is presented Gramma's Guided Tour of the World's Greatest Library (the Bible). This guide is guaranteed to help you find your way around the Bible and will, when carefully followed, enable you to understand the floor plan and various sections of the Library.

With this guide in hand, you will then be able to make more leisurely investigation into the treasures of each individual book found there. Discussion questions will get your brain cells going and you might even have some fun along the way!

So come along and tour with Gramma as we make our way through the World's Greatest Library.

Author Carol Gunderson (Gramma Gundy) and illustrator Herb Gunderson (Grampa Gundy) decided kids needed some help learning the Bible, when their two grandsons struggled to understand it all. The Gundersons bring a wealth of experience to this project. For years, they led Bible studies in their home and church. Grampa Gundy was a Bible College president and preacher, and Gramma Gundy was a Bible College librarian.

Carol Gunderson is also the author of a book of poetry: The Morning Porch - Poems and Reflections from a Quiet Heart.

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