It's Not Over: Mornings at the Met – Fantastical Opera Reviews

It's Not Over: Mornings at the Met – Fantastical Opera Reviews

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If you are reluctant to attend the opera, this book, blithely illustrated with line drawings by the author, will change your mind.

Opera is not intimidating; it is compelling theater and is often very funny, especially when seen on a big screen at exactly the same moment it is being performed at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. That is how the author overcame her reluctance to attend the opera.

In bright, breezy, approachable prose, she has reviewed seven operas from one season at the Met. You will be dazzled by the scheming hilarity of Falstaff and the Merry Wives of Windsor, the epic tragedy of Prince Igor, the sorrows of Werther, the tempestuous bohemian artists in Paris, the comic patter of battling sexes, and the exuberant interpretations of The Little Mermaid and Cinderella.

When this book concludes, you will realize it's still not over. Another season is on the horizon, and you can see for yourself the joy of opera. If you are already an experienced opera-goer, this book will make you smile with recognition and appreciation; you already know it's not over.

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