Something Like Scales - Finding Light in a Dark World

Something Like Scales - Finding Light in a Dark World

  • 1899

Have you ever felt like you were in the dark?

Join the club!

If you have ever felt unworthy, empty, or like there just must be more to life than you have found, you are not alone!

Welcome to an adventure of discovery, as we go in search for light in this very dark world! One man thought he knew it all, until he was blinded by SOMETHING LIKE SCALES upon his eyes. St. Paul had a lot to learn, as scales of a Silenced Conscience, Religiosity, Ignorance and Exclusivity gradually fell away, making him one of the most liberated men who ever walked the earth!

A meditation on the theme of spiritual darkness and light, this book weaves together short stories, commentaries, memoirs and eye-opening study questions, aimed at finding answers to age-old mysteries: Where is God?

Is it possible to know Him? Why do I feel so unworthy? Is there light in this dark world? Based on the stories of St. Paul and a host of others who did find answers...this book holds out the hope you have been seeking!

Author Ellen Traylor is the million-selling author of 19 books. This is her first book of personal reflection.

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