SURVIVING UNCLE HITLER - Journey of a German Girl

SURVIVING UNCLE HITLER - Journey of a German Girl

  • 1499

Dorothea Wollin was just a young girl when American bombs demolished her German town. Uprooted overnight, she and her family found themselves on a journey of survival across Europe. Like many German families, they had little understanding of the topsy-turvy world into which they had been thrown, or the atrocities which precipitated it.

Looking back, Dorothea came to realize that she was not only a war survivor, but that she had survived "Uncle Hitler," the term of endearment with which her parents ignorantly referred to the Fuhrer.

This is a story of adventure, bravery and challenges that could have destroyed weaker souls. Dorothea's experiences gave her a thirst for freedom, which led her to America. It is also a story of the quest for meaning in a dark world, a quest that led Dorothea to faith in Christ, and to a freedom bigger than that of country or politics.

(NOTE: All copies of SURVIVING UNCLE HITLER in our inventory are the First Edition version.)