The Last Caliphate

The Last Caliphate

  • 2199

They would take their world back...Or die trying!

Jack Martin's world has been all but destroyed...a barren warscape inhabited by the husks of men and women once prosperous and free, now decimated by the brutal advent of the Mujahideen in North America. The encroachment came slowly, patiently, as Americans were blinded by apathy and political correctness, until awaking one day to find themselves enslaved, their way of life vanquished by Islamofascists bent on ruling the entire world.

But there is hope, embedded in the steely spines of the Freedom Fighters... Jack and Maggie Martin, headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, along with scattered, strong-willed groups of Freedom Fighters throughout the northwest, rise up to challenge the Muj. To the south, Lt. Steve Malory and squadrons of US troops are marching through the deserts of Mexico toward the States, confronting entrenched Taliban as far north as Oregon. Even farther north, in Alaska, a loose band of guerillas is fighting the Muj without the help of reinforcements, and in Eastern Oregon, Captain Evans fights to retake Bend.

Only vaguely aware of their mutual efforts and successes against bestial odds, the disparate counteroffensives at last manage to overrun their mutual enemy and save the world for future generations. So long as they have breath, they will insure that this is the final Islamic takeover...The Last Caliphate!

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